The names of the High Courts in South Africa have been changed with effect from 1 March 2009, when President Kgalema Motlanthe signed the Renaming of High Courts Act, as follows:


Master of the KwaZulu Natal High Court, Durban

Master of the KwaZulu Natal High Court, Pietermaritzburg

Master of the Western Cape High Court, Cape Town

Master of the Eastern Cape High Court, Bhisho

Master of the Eastern Cape High Court, Grahamstown

Master of the Eastern Cape High Court, Mthatha

Master of the Eastern Cape High Court, Port Elizabeth

Master of the Northern Cape High Court, Kimberley

Master of the Limpopo High Court, Thohoyando

Master of the North West High Court, Mafikeng

Master of the Free State High Court, Bloemfontein

Master of the South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg

Master of the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria

Master of the North Gauteng High Court, Polokwane


And although it will take some time for the various Master’s to change their letterheads, our program has been changed accordingly.


NOTE: Users are required to type the details in on the General Tab as follows taking example one above:

Which Master’s Office is dealing with the estate? Durban

Which division of the High Court? KwaZulu Natal



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