The latest version of LegalEase Insolvent Estates is v6.6n.

Here are the changes in detail:

v6.6n – Cashbook overdraft report



LegalEase Insolvent Estates:

The cost of advertising in the government gazette has increased to R69.05. Log in as ADMIN and go to the “Tariff Tables” to change the costs.

Latest version is v6.6i.

If you getting “Invalid data file” errors in LegalEase or messages regarding possible data corruptions then the following information might be benefit to you. More »

v6.4x includes:

1) Tenants

2) General comments

3) Govt Gazette advertising costs

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Information regarding the different ways to backup your LegalEase data.

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LegalEase Insolvent Estates v6.2 is available!

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A major update is in development. The program is undergoing a complete facelift and the underlying technical framework is being upgraded. We’ll let you know when its ready.


How do I add my letterhead to LegalEase? 

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