How do I add my letterhead to LegalEase? 

 1. run the LegalEase program
2. click on the “Default” button and immediately on the “Next” button
3. where it asks “Complete the name of the english letterhead” click on the grey button with the … on it and find your letterhead where you saved it before
4. do the same for the afrikaans letterhead
5. then click on the E-Mail button
6. tick the option that you are using Outlook
7. make the version number 9
8. complete your e-mail address
9. click OK to save
10. click on “Next” to close this screen and see your list of estates

REMEMBER: When you add any of your own letters you must type the letter with the merge fields in it, but WITHOUT calling up the letterhead first. You, therefore, only do the body of the letter and save it in the \LETTERS folder. The program will, automatically, insert your letterhead when you merge a letter for a specific file.

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