LegalEase Insolvent Estates v6.2 is available!


Here is a list of some of the changes and additions:


1. Updated the programs user interface. Screens given a more modern look. The scrolling function of the mouse’s wheel enabled.


2. The document preview screen changed. Added functionality to print the document to PDF format. When you click the print button on the preview screen you will be asked if you want to “print” or “make pdf”. The pdf files are saved in the “Docs” folder as indicated in 3 below.


3. Added a button on the list of files screen (main screen) called “Docs”. Each file has a folder under the “Docs” folder where documents relating to the file can be saved. The folder name under “Docs” is derived from the internal “File number” of the estate in LegalEase. For instance fileno 50 will be stored in a folder named “insolven\docs\00000050”.  When you click the “Docs” button you will see a list of documents linked to the highlighted estate file. You can scan a document by clicking the “Scan Docs” button. To add an existing document to the list you may use the “Add Docs” button. The “Open docs” button allows you to view or open the selected documents.


4. Changed the help facility. You’ll see a small button with a yellow question mark on it on each window in the program. Or you could press F1 or Ctrl-H to access the help facility. The help index is on the “list of files” (the main screen) screen. We’ll be building on the help facility on an on-going basis.


5. Improved the lookup facility. You can now use F2 or CtrlQ to access the lookup library. Added a text filter on the “All” tab to display all entries that contain the text that you specify. The button with the … clears the filter and displays all entries. Added a ‘Character” button that allows you to insert a special character (characters not on the keyboard) anywhere in the program. Alternatively you can press Ctrl-S to insert a special character anywhere in the program.

7.  Update Manager: If automatic updates doesn’t work you can now specify a proxy authorisation string if your proxy server required authorisation. Specify the proxy username followed by a colon and then the proxy password, e.g. user1:password1. When you click “Check for program updates” you’ll see a new button called “Settings” where you specify the update manager settings and also the proxy settings. Option F is where you must specify your proxy authorisation string. You can also specify the proxy server (option G) and port (option H) but if you want to specify the server and port you must untick option E.  If option E is ticked then the proxy server and port is obtained from the computer’s “Internet Settings” in the Internet Explorer.


8. Added a facility (on various screens within the program) to dump the contents of the lists on the screen to Excel, Word or a CSV text file.

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