With v9.4g you can now specify proxy server settings that might sort out your LegalEase automatic updating problems. If your computer links to the internet via a proxy server then this information is relevant to you.In LegalEase, if you are unable to update the program via the “Check for program updates” button on the login screen and you are connected to the internet via a proxy server, you can now specify a proxy authorisation string. Specify the proxy username followed by a colon and then the proxy password, e.g. user1:password1. When you click “Check for program updates” you’ll see a new button called “Settings” where you specify the update manager settings. When you click thisbutton you’ll see the Settings screen below. Option F is where you must specify your proxy authorisation string.You can also specify the proxy server (option G) and port (option H) but if you want to use the specified server and port you must untick option E.  If option E is ticked then the proxy server and port is obtained from the computer’s “Internet Settings” in the Internet Explorer and options G and H are ignored.If E is ticked and the updates still don’t work then we suggest you untick option E and then specify option F, G and H.Update manager settings screen

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