Information regarding the different ways to backup your LegalEase data.

Legalease backup:

This backups up only the data within LegalEase. The backup often takes a while to complete especially when running over a network (which could be busy at the time). The more estates one has on LegalEase the slower the backup will become. I suggest you run the backup at a time when no-one else is in LegalEase (at the end of the day, for instance). The backup is stored in the lestates\backup folder and is then optionally copied to another location.


Backup to external media:

An alternative would be to copy the entire Lestates folder onto an external storage device such as a flash drive, SD card, external hard drive or CD for backup purposes. It’ll probably be quicker than doing the backup facility within LegalEase. All users must be out of LegalEase when you copy the Lestate folder to the external media.


Network backup:

The Legalease program and data should be routinely backed up by your network administrator. This usually is an automated process that backups up the important data and programs residing on your file server. Make sure that this backup includes LegalEase and that the backups are being done on a regular basis.


The LegalEase backup is merely a secondary backup that can be used to restore your data if the data for some reason cannot be restored from the network backup. On a network it might be advisable to switch to the “Backup to external media” approach above. It is always advisable to keep a set of backups. Have at least three backups of LegalEase at any one time.

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