New feature in v10.0e:

As happens in most deceased estate cases, the family/heirs hands over everything they can find that might belong to the deceased. At this point the executor does not yet know:

1. If there is an amount due or payable on the item;

2. If it will become a claim in favour of the estate; or

3. If it will become a liability in the estate.

In order to be able to correspond with the relevant entity/person in order to establish the above, letters will have to be written.

For these letters to be linked to the program as “master” templates so that data can merge into them, the following has to happen:

1. The data has to be captured in the program;

2. Merge fields must be provided for the data so it can be inserted in the letters; and

3. Users have to link the letters to the program (see our Blog site on how to add custom letters to the program if you don’t yet know how).

So to facilitate this we have made changes to the program. On the main screen once you have opened the file you will see a new button called “Extra Items”. Under this item you will find a list of all the miscellaneous items you have loaded thus far (if any). To insert/change or delete an item use the buttons at the bottom of the list box.

The screen makes provision for the following:

The new table type is called EXTRAS and consists of the following merge fields:

EXTRAACCNO = The account/reference number

DESCRIPTION = The description of the item

EXTRAHOLDER = The name of the entity/person

EXTRAADDRESS = The address on one line

EXTRABLOCADD = The address in block form provided you have separated it by commas (e.g. PO Box 15, Durban, 4000)

INNAMEOF = The name in which the account is held if not the deceased

INVENTVALUE = Inventory value

EXTRAVALUE = Final value

EXTRAAWARDED = If taken over the person’s names and surname

EXTRAAWARDEDIDNO = If taken over the person’s ID no.

EXTRAHEIRADD = If taken over the person’s address

CONTACTNO = If taken over, the person’s contact number


Once it has been established what is to be done with the item it can:

1. Simply remain on record if no further action is required;

2. Be moved to claims in favour of the estate to appear on the L&D; or

3. Be moved to liabilities to appear on the L&D.

This is done by highlighting the item and using the relevant button at the top of the screen.

We have added a couple of letters that might be of use to you and will be updated on your list. All of them refer to “extra item” so that you can identify them on the list.

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