v6.4x includes:

1) Tenants

2) General comments

3) Govt Gazette advertising costs

1. Tenants:

New database table to store details of tenants of immovable assets. Added new merge fields for tenant information to be used in custom letters. More than one tenant per property is allowed.

Figure 1

New Comments button

Figure 2

List of comments

Alternatively go to the immovable property screen and you’ll see a new list box:

Figure 3
New Tab and List box on immovable asset screen


A new database table to store general comments per file.

Figure 5

New Comments button

Figure 6

List of comments

Figure 7

Editing a comment

Added Tenants and Comments to the “View file info” menu at the top of the screen. This gives quick access to some of the files details (such as creditors, tenants and comments) from any screen within the program.

Figure 8

New options on the "View file info" menu

3. Default Govt Gazette advertising cost changed to R65.10.

Comments disabled.